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Who is This For?
Cowsheds or livestock fattening facilities that have 150 cattle heads or more (several cowsheds can be combined for one facility);

  • Farmsteads (broilers, turkeys, pigs) who wish to derive added value from their agricultural waste;

  • Large packing houses;

  • Food processing plants (including slaughterhouses, abattoirs) that produce over 10 tons of organic waste per day;

  • Local authorities that perform separation at source.


Why Shtang Eco?
Each project is a partnership with one of the oldest and most stable companies in the industry.

  • Shtang is the company with the most experience in constructing biological treatment systems and has built the largest biogas project in the Middle East - and one of the largest in the world.

  • Accumulated experience in more than 200 facilities since 2008.

  • First hand from the contractor - we design, we build, we operate!

  • Performance guarantee from a local Israeli company!

  • Full responsibility for all systems in Israel!

  • Responsibility for output from a local Israeli company!

  • A 20 year service contract with a local Israeli company!

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