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Shtang Eco is a subsidiary of Shtang Construction & Engineering Ltd.

Shtang Eco was established in order to bring advanced technologies for the treatment of waste and energy production to the Israeli market, and to become a major player in the field.
Shtang ECO Ltd. has been operating for over 80 years, prior to the establishment of the State of Israel. The company is a pioneer and leader in the field of infrastructure.

Shtang is one of the oldest and most stable engineering and construction companies in the industry, and is a market leader in the execution of innovative projects in Israel, in the fields of water and wastewater treatment, pipejacking, and various infrastructure projects. Shtang is the only company in Israel that has built a 12.1 MWH power plant using biogas.

Shtang carries out DBOT projects, is financially robust and has a contractor classification of unlimited financial scope.

Stang Eco has defined its vision: "Green Energy Within Reach", while creating a sustainable and advanced living environment in Israel and around the world.

The company sees an inseparable connection between the business world, the Environment and society, and therefore strives to realize its vision while assimilating the principles of sustainability in all its activities, especially balancing economic, environmental and social interests.

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